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You have crashed on an alien planet, and have no choice but to progress through nonnative land by killing aliens, collecting power ups, spawning bosses, and solving puzzles.

NONNATIVE features an increasing game play speed, as the player progresses through room upon room, searching for any way to escape alien territory. Each room is either an arena room, where the player must survive long enough to spawn that room's boss, kill it and collect it's key, or it is a puzzle room, in which the player must have every button down at the same time, all the while both navigating around, and using, gem-changing lasers, RESET buttons, and color-specific walls. The player must also decide to spend their hard-earned points on either saving their progress in this unforgiving game, or risking it all and purchasing a new skill from the ever-expanding skills tree, hoping they will reach the next room with enough points to save.

Can you reach the end?