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Fast and compact

Written in C++ for speed and compact size! Play your favourite MUD (Multi-User Dungeon) game with ease. Installed, it only requires around 11 Mb of disk space, plus any extra needed for storing MUD game configurations, and any plugins you download.

MUSHclient is easy to use

MUSHclient uses the "standard" Windows look-and-feel. Connecting to a MUD is really simple. Just select "Quick Connect" on the Connection menu, fill in the MUD's IP address and port number, and click OK!

MUSHclient is extensible

Add plugins to your world to extend MUSHclient's functionality! Over a dozen plugins are supplied with MUSHclient, plus you can download more from the plugins web page, and from other plugin authors.

Plugins are related groups of triggers, timers, aliases, scripts and variables. They are easily installed and removed.