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The Ironfist Dynasty is tottering on the brink of ruin. As endless calamities plague the kingdom of Enroth, evil doomsday cultists plan to overthrow child Prince Nicolai and claim the throne for their charismatic leader. Fear grips the land and the people wonder if their sovereign has lost the Mandate of Heaven - the divine right to rule. The enemies of reason are at the gate and only extraordinary heroes can stem the tide of darkness. Will you answer the call?

From the depths of the deepest dungeons to the intrigues of the royal court, you will lead a band of adventurers on a dangerous journey of amazing depth and intelligence. With a completely new 3D graphics engine and a sophisticated non-linear adventure system, Might and Magic VI - The Mandate of Heaven brings to life the most fantastic, engrossing and intense role-playing experience ever created.

* Choose whether to play in real-time or turn-based combat mode.
* Engage in hundreds of entertaining mini-quests that branch off from the main saga.