• Genre: Turn-based tactics
  • Platform: Sony PSP
  • Release year: 2004

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A plane has been hijacked by an unknown terrorist and it's up to Solid Snake to infiltrate the enemy and put an end to this dangerous crisis. Get ready to experience deep tactical espionage as you plan out your infiltration strategy and accomplish missions in an entirely new Metal Gear game. With over 200 strategic moves, two playable characters, wireless play and appearances by your favorite Metal Gear characters, Metal Gear Acid is the ultimate stealth trip.

* Experience Metal Gear's renowned stealth action with new emphasis on tactical turn-based strategy
* Purchase new strategic battle cards to enhance your infiltration strategy and discover new cards as you play
* Different card decks give you new abilities and actions unique to the theme of the deck
* Unlock wireless multiplayer mode and experience head-to-head stealth gameplay with a friend
* Incredible graphics and animations never before seen on a handheld game system