MegaRace 2

released in 1996 by Cryo Interactive published by Mindscape
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Hey lucky fella! Welcome to MegaRace 2, Virtual World Broadcast TV's hottest game show starring yours truly, Lance Boyle, the annoying host with the most. Get ready to race, 'cause you're up next!
The rules are simple: Drive real fast. Blow away the other guys before they blast you. You win, you live to race again. You lose, you're a total loser!
Before you have time to scream, we'll strap you into an incredible set of wheels and send you off on...

Mega features:
* Seven bloodthirsty opponents challenge you in this lightning-fast arcade racing game.
* Choose one of the many futuristic vehicles and cruise through multi-path track environments - all incredibly rendered in 3-D.
* Each amazing track - some literally out of this world - comes with wild forks, fatal dead-ends and countless other hazards.
* Use deadly missiles and weapons, life-shortening bombs and high-voltage power-ups for your combat racing pleasure.
* Shift direction quickly - even race backwards for a truly nauseating experience.
* Replay capability lets you laugh in the face of death over and over again.
* Cinematic game show sequences feature Lance and his gorgeous new assistant.
* Hear Lance's irritating, fast-paced commentary in full 16-bit sound.