Megaman: Rock N Roll

released in 2019

Megaman: Rock N Roll is a fantastic fan made Megaman game which looks and plays like the classics, while still introducing some great ideas of its own.

Created by the talented Dennis Engelhard, Megaman: Rock N Roll delivers a full Megaman adventure which sees Megaman and his little sister (Roll), setting out to save the world from someone who is capturing and controlling all of the robots in the world. It looks like a SNES game and plays very much like the classic NES era Megaman games (so expect some seriously challenging gameplay!).

As is traditional, there are eight bosses to select from the level select screen, all of which have their own themed levels. You can choose whether to play as Megaman or Roll at the start of each level. Roll plays much like Megaman, but she can’t do charge shots and she can double-jump – which can really make the platforming easier (but still satisfyingly hard).

The levels are all very well designed and are packed full of classic baddies to blast from across the Megaman series. There are also special collectibles to grab and as you progress through the game you’ll unlock four allies who can help you.

Fan games really don’t get much better than Megaman: Rock N Roll and neither do Megaman games. It looks and plays like a Megaman game should, the retro pixel art visuals look fantastic and the game is packed full of great little details. An all time classic adventure for the Blue Bomber. Highly recommended.

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