MechWarrior 3: Pirate's Moon

released in 1999 by MicroProse published by Hasbro
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    Installs mechwarrior 3 Pirates Moon expansion with automount wine iso
    When winecfg comes up select "Drives" -> "Add" -> Select drive letter A: -> "Show Advanced" -> set "Type" to "CD-ROM" -> set "Path" to /home/user/Games/mechwarrior-3/drive_c/MW3PMISO but make sure to replace user with your username -> Click "OK" To save cfg and continue

MechWarrior 3: Pirate's Moon is the only expansion pack for MechWarrior 3, with an all new storyline and 20 new missions, plus six new mechs, brand new terrains, and a number of weapons. The player can select either Campaign Missions or Pirate Missions which contain respective stories.

The Lance Leader from MechWarrior 3 is now given an official name known as 'Lieutenant Connor Sinclair' and returns as main protagonist of the campaign missions. Sinclair is assigned to protect the Federated Suns' control over the planet Vale and its resources against New Belt Pirates led by Susie Ryan. During the confrontation, Sinclair and his lancemates encounter overwhelming pirate forces unexpectedly and explore for the further plot to be unveiled.

Pirate Missions
The player controls 'Scourge', the New Belt Pirate working for Susie Ryan as the forces attempt to attack the Federated Suns' defense and claim control over the resources on Vale.

  • Genre: Action, Simulation
  • Platform: Windows


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