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Mechanism - adventure game about lonely robot. Dive into the depressive steampunk world that was infected with strange disease called Flegma.

The robot wakes up and find out that his world has changed. Black tumors - Flegma is everywhere. Many robots died from this disease. The robot totally lost as you are. What will You do and go depends only on Your choice.

Explore the world of Mechanism, that changes based on your actions.
Solve riddles with objects but be careful cause Flegma can harm not only organic things, but also robots.
Game mechanics based on character's contagion level.
A lot of exploring, similar to the souls game series! Find every secret corner of a location to understand what happened with the world.
The story is driven by visual narrative.
Meta-narrative is inside the main story. Maybe this game is not about robots and disease at all...

The lonely robot, he has no plans
His faith and soul is in your hands.

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This game was created by the only one person, whose name is Alexander Khoroshavin, with his his family's and friend's support.