• Wine 1.4 version last published 2 years, 11 months ago

    to hear all Music, you need proper MIDI support(eg: timidity++)

  • AGS Any Maniac Mansion deluxe PC version last published 4 months ago

    This script will facilitate install of this game on Linux OS: "Maniac Manson Deluxe" PC version using AGS. Big thanks to people who gave their time to permit us playing this game in the best conditions on Linux.

    - You have to download and extract "Maniac Mansion Deluxe" game archive before to launch this script installer. Then the script installer will ask you for path where maniac.exe and other game files stored
    - Press F5 for save/load/quit... menu
    - Please report issue concerning this script on my Github page:

The game Maniac Mansion was created by LucasFilm in 1988. Maniac Mansion Deluxe is a remake done by LucasFan Games in 2004. The remake contains all the original story and characters, but features better graphics.

Ever since a meteor landed in the back yard of Dr. Fred and Nurse Edna’s Victorian mansion, bizarre things have been happening. First, their mutant son, Weird Ed, dropped out of school. Then patients started disappearing from Country Hospital. And now this strange event is affecting the lives of innocent (and even some not-so-innocent) teenagers. In fact, a girl named Sandy is being held captive in that musty old mansion right now. Sandy’s boyfriend, Dave, has lots of friends who need you help to sneak in - and sneak her out. Now exactly how it all ends up depends entirely on which trio of friends you send in there. And which inhabitants you encounter. In fact, the farther you get inside the mansion, the more weird characters you’ll meet. There’s Nurse Edna - who’s as nasty as she is ugly. There’s a disembodied Tentacle who wants you to make him a rock star. And a host of others, who all have their own crazy quirks you’ll have to deal with. Everyone in there seems to be working for Dr. Fred. But the question is: “Who is Dr. Fred working for?”