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In the year of 3000, at the giant closed institution, LUDESIA, there was a distinctly original culture called TECHNO-GOTHIC was developing. It was a combination of the mediaeval times gothic and the highly scientific technology.

The main characters, Yao and Kurusu, the town residents, were the two of the best bounty hunters. Ludesia, Yao and Kurusu were living like a family every day.

However, Yao and Kurusu made a terrible mistake, lost Ludesia and ended up losing everything as a result.

In their deepest despair, they were contacted by the most powerful group in the giant closed institution LUDESIA, Kyokai-tokui. The group made a request for them to investigate the living-dead zombies who had appeared in town.

During the investigation, they discovered that there was a strong connection between Ludesia's death and their zombie investigation.

In order to find the real facts of the case as well as to regain the bonds that united their soul, Yao and Kurusu threw themselves into the fight against the monster's soul.