• Genre: Action, Puzzle, Stealth
  • Platform: Sony PlayStation
  • Release year: 2001

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How far would you go to get your prey?

It's the epic Looney Tunes battle between Ralph Wolf and Sam Sheep-dog! Take on the role of Ralph Wolf and carry out devious sheep-snatchin' missions. Use a variety of guaranteed ACME products to try to lure, carry or even catapult sheep away until you make off with the whole flock!

- Advance through 15 unique cartoon environments
- Use of 25 outrageous gadgets to help you sneak, swim, creep, fly and jump
- Scheme your way through a classic Looney Tunes adventure
- Special appearances by all-time Looney Tunes favorites Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Roadrunner, Marvin The Martian and more