Lighthouse: The Dark Being

released in 1996 by Sierra On-Line, Inc. published by Sierra On-Line, Inc.
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Outwit Evil in a Supernatural Mechanical World

Pass through a shimmering portal into a world teeming with invention, discovery... and evil. An exotic parallel universe is terrorized by a dark being. Alien technology, unearthly treachery, and brain-twisting danger skulk around every craggy cliff and corner. You are summoned on a rescue mission; lives and worlds hang in the balance. Do you have the courage and imagination to leave your world and enter the unknown?
Lighthouse creator Jon Bock invites you to journey to a hand-crafted world of exotic architecture, inventions, and characters. Drawn with brilliant precision and tinged with ageless folktale imagery, Lighthouse is a visual and literal masterpiece that pulls you into its beckoning beam of hope.

- You are the beacon of hope in a strange and desolate world.
- Fascinating characters provide dues to solve a mystery.
- You alone must learn the lessons of technology gone mad.
- Complex mechanical devices transport you into an alternate world.
- Fathom elaborate puzzles to aid in your search.

  • Genre: Adventure, Point-and-click
  • Platform: Mac, MS-DOS, Windows

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