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A chill rips away the warm, summer sun, stripping away the dreams of three ambitious youngsters: Jeff, Faye, and Chelsea. Each has lost their previously budding talents in some unknown mishap. Bound by the bond of their youth, the trio face their struggles in this short tale of ambition and romance.

Jeff: An aspiring artist who would meet any set challenge to make his dream come true.

Faye: An aspiring author who writes extremely cute, overly accurate short stories.

Chelsea: A cheerful and shy singer; her dream is to perform in front of a large audience.

Jeff has had a crush on Faye for as long as he's known her… Though one day she suddenly changed; it's been years since then, and she has arranged a strange meet-up with Jeff and Chelsea. Following this meeting, the two lose the talents essential to achieving their dreams. Their abilities have been replaced with something out of this world.

Will this summer break them, or will they survive the mysterious trial until the fall?

* Full female voiceovers!
* A video opener!
* 3 endings!
* 1-2 hours gameplay!
* 12 adorable CGs!
* CG gallery!
* It's free!