Lewd City Girls

School's out and our hero Kyoko really REALLY wants to go see her BF Riki.
But all these dumbs boys are getting in the way. UGH!!
Better beat em up! Or maybe an even better idea would be to beat em OFF hehe ;)

Use the Z button (or the space bar) to knock the socks off enemies with a killer 3 hit combo. Get combos to build up your SP meter to level up my stripping off. That's right, the less clothes you have on the more powerful you will become. But get hit and your power will drop!

Once you have enough SP and knock down a bad guy to the ground you can use the X button (or the E button) to start your... special attack ;P
Then press the same button to advance to faster speeds and finish them off!!

Once defeated, the nasty mates will drop all their condoms! Collect these condoms and use them at the special vending machines found in the hallways to buy different pairs of undies. Gotta look cute while bashing heads in ;D

Will you get to the end and find your precious Riki in time before he finds another, more faithful girl, or will you take your time with all your new boy toys around the school? The choice is up to you in Lewd City Girls!!!

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