LEGO Island

released in 1997 by Mindscape published by Mindscape
  • Wine CD + fixes version last published 2 weeks, 6 days ago
    Includes Lego Island Rebuilder and Lego Island Alternate Installer.
    Set options in Lego Island Rebuilder. (Highly recommended: change "Turning: Unhook From Frame" to True). After setting your desired options in Lego Island Rebuilder, you can add a '-r' argument to the Lutris game profile to bypass the GUI on launch.

    Hit ALT-ENTER several times to enter fullscreen mode.

Take control of the ultimate LEGO® adventure, in this thrilling 3D game of skill and imagination. Assemble a multitude of vehicles and take them on an amazing journey, completing amusing tasks and activities on your way. All is not safe and secure however when the Deconstructor Brickster is released from jail…

…have you got what it takes to protect the LEGO Island?

  • Genre: Action, Open World, Racing, Sandbox
  • Platform: Windows


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