King's Quest V: Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder!

released in 1990 by Sierra On-Line, Inc. published by Sierra On-Line, Inc.
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  • mame PC-98 version
  • auto GOG(Auto) version
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Experience another epic adventure in the best-selling King's Quest series from Roberta Williams. Journey into danger as you embark with King Graham on the most thrilling and perilous adventure of his career - the quest for the missing Royal Family of Daventry. Along with Cedric, the talking owl, Graham travels across blazing deserts and over vast mountains and oceans in search of his family. Filled with danger, mystery and fantastic creatures, King's Quest V is a magical adventure you'll never forget.

  • Genre: Point-and-click
  • Platform: Amiga, FM Towns, Mac, NES, PC-98, Windows

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