Kingdom Hearts: Re:Chain of Memories

released in 2007 by Square Enix published by Disney Interactive
  • pcsx2 Sony PlayStation 2 version

Kingdom Hearts: Re:Chain of Memories is the PS2 remake of the GBA game Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. It was initially released as a part of Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix+ and only later made available as a standalone game.

The most important change is that the world and battles are now in full 3d, including voice acting and a full soundtrack. Basic gameplay elements such as the battle system based on cards remain identical, but with additions such as the Reaction Command from Kingdom Hearts II. There are also a number of new cutscenes and entirely new battles, such as the fight with Zexion in Reverse/Rebirth. Upon completing the game, all cutscenes can be viewed in chronological order in the Theater Mode.

  • Genre: Action, jRPG, Role-playing
  • Platform: Sony PlayStation 2

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