• Genre: Management, RPG, Turn-based strategy
  • Platform: Windows
  • Developer: A#
  • Publisher: A#
  • Release year: 1999
  • Website: www.a-sharp.com/kodp

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When your tribe decided to settle down in the unexplored territories of the Dragon Pass, you knew they would need a strong, uncompromising leader to survive, so you stepped up and claimed the mantle of chieftain. With it came the responsibility of making countless decisions that shape the future of your clan, its neighboring tribes and--in the big picture--the world of Glorantha itself. Will you prove to be a leader just and brave enough to lead your people towards prosperity in this strange land full of magic and dangerous creatures? Will you be able to forge lasting alliances and win the wars against those who oppose you? Do you have what it takes to unite the clans and become the very first King of Dragon Pass?

King of Dragon Pass is a game like no other. It combines strategy, adventure, RPG, and civilization sim, but it focuses mostly on storytelling. Each turn the game offers you with a choice to make and the progress of the story depends solely on your decisions. The difference between right and wrong is seldom obvious, but whatever action you take, be ready to face its consequences later. There are virtually limitless ways the story can unfold, so each play-through--whether it's a quick game or an extended campaign--promises new adventures and plot twists!

* Each play-through offers hundreds of events combined in a unique storyline for limitless replayability.
* Each of your decisions yields its consequences as the saga of your clan unfolds chapter by chapter.
* The colorful and imaginative gameworld can surprise you with something new even after dozens of hours worth of gameplay.