Killer Instinct 2

released in 1996 by Rare published by Midway Games
  • libretro Arcade version
  • libretro Nintendo 64 version

Killer Instinct Gold rocks the gaming world with earth-shattering moves and unbelievable graphics. Your battles unfold with lightning-fast action and fluid character animation at 60 frames per second. We faithfully duplicated all the features that made Killer Instinct 2 an arcade hit. We've even thrown in a complete training mode to school you on all the moves! The eye-popping graphics, explosive hits and jaw-dropping combos make Killer Instinct Gold the only fighting game you'll want in your house!

* Real-time 3D Interactive Battle Grounds!
* Lightning-Fast Action & Fluid Animation at 60 Frames Per Second!
* Revolutionary Training Mode Teaches You All The moves!
* Hundreds of Thousands of Killer Combinations!
* Team & Tournament Modes!
* Ten Killer Fighters. One Grotesque Bad Guy!

  • Genre: Fighting
  • Platform: Arcade, Nintendo 64

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