released in 2019
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CCG meets WWII
KARDS is an exciting, free to play collectible card game set in WWII, full of strategy, tactics, action and fun.

Key features

Play as any of the major powers of WWII and participate in epic battles against other players, or against the cunning AI.
Use Blitzkrieg tactics, strategic bombing or dig in for bitter defensive warfare until you outproduce and outgun your enemies.
Give orders, use naval support, espionage, sabotage or focus on the most advanced technology.
Collect cards and build up your armies of iconic tanks, aircraft, infantry, artillery and more from all theaters and periods of the war.
Kards is completely free to play with all gameplay features already accessible from the start on. No paywall lockout!

Beautiful artwork
All the cards are beautifully illustrated to match the unique WWII-style. Weapons and units behave as you would expect based on documentation, specifications and operational history.

Enticing strategy
Kards is easy to learn, but hard to master. Battles are won by cunning, tactics, experience and strategy. Do you have what it takes? The best

Regular updates
With a vibrant player community and active developers, Kards is regularly getting exciting new gameplay features and improvements.

  • Genre: Cards, Casual, Strategy
  • Platform: Windows
  • Website: www.kards.com

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