Jackie Chan Stuntmaster

released in 2000 by Radical Entertainment published by Midway
  • libretro Sony PlayStation version

Jackie's grandfather has been kidnapped. To rescue his grandfather, Jackie must find and deliver a package to the kidnappers.

The player takes control of Jackie Chan as he fights his way through fifteen levels within five different areas filled with thugs and goons. Luckily, Jackie is a Kung Fu master and has no problem with punches and kicks. He can also perform signature moves like running up walls, cartwheel kicks and even Drunken Master Kung Fu style. All of the moves are authenticated, thanks to the motion-captured sessions with Jackie Chan himself.

In addition to punches and kicks, potent objects such as chairs and brooms can also be used as weapons, just like in Jackie Chan movies. Should Jackie start to run low on health he can grab some milk, rice and even Chinese take-out food scattered throughout the levels for some health recovery.

  • Genre: Action
  • Platform: Sony PlayStation


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