• Genre: Simulation
  • Platform: Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii
  • Release year: 2008

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Players are set up to take on Food Network's Iron Chefs in Kitchen Stadium for culinary supremacy. There are 15 secret ingredients with hundreds of different menu variations. Battle your way through career mode, practice your skills in the culinary school, or play a quick match against one of your favorite chefs. There are also co-op modes to play with friends and modes to battle your friends for Kitchen Stadium supremacy and bragging rights. DS: Players will use the stylus to select dishes, chop, slice, trace, shake, flip, adjust settings, and more to be the best in Kitchen Stadium. Wii: Players will use the controller to copy the on screen gestures for chopping, flipping, shaking, and more. Then use the IR to select dishes, trace, slice, adjust settings, and more.