Incredible Crisis

released in 1999 by Polygon Magic published by Tecmo
  • libretro Arcade version
  • libretro Sony PlayStation version

The severe fun of Incredible Crisis is all about maintaining your sanity, as you help Taneo's family get home for Grandma's Birthday.

It's a happy day and the worst day of their life, as they endure hundreds of hilarious and cardiac-arrest inducing dilemmas.

You'll laugh, cry, freak-out and perhaps soil your shorts, while your mental and physical reflexes are put to the test.

The controls are simple, but thumb and forefinger injury is still a risk.

Be warned, this game is severely fun and may cause obsessive compulsive behavior, if not nervous disorders and/or involuntary twitches.

Enjoy severe fun.

* 24 Mini-Games!
* Music by Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra!

  • Genre: Arcade, Party
  • Platform: Arcade, Sony PlayStation

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