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  • Steam Steam Proton version last published 7 months, 2 weeks ago

    Game works correctly, but runs slower than on Windows.

    When launched, the game sometimes stays on a black screen for a while. Clicking repeatedly (or pressing the A or X button on a controller) for a couple of seconds seems to get the game going and shows the splash screens as expected.

    Aside from this, the game runs perfectly, albeit with occasional slight performance drops when many enemies are on-screen. When tested under Windows, these performance drops did not occur, so it is assumed they are a symptom of running through Proton.

The world of Gamindustri is experiencing a strange calm - the Goddesses protecting each nation are all at peace, and there's not an apocalyptic threat in sight! In order to shake things up with a good story, the world's leading journalists Dengekiko and Famitsu challenge the CPUs and CPU Candidates to complete a series of missions but soon they all may be in for a far bigger scoop in this action-packed hack 'n' slash!