Hyper Sports

released in 1984
  • libretro Arcade version Rating: ❔ UNKNOWN
  • libretro NES version Rating: ❔ UNKNOWN
  • mame ZX Spectrum version Rating: ❔ UNKNOWN

Hyper Sports, known in Japan as Hyper Olympic '84 is an arcade game published in 1984 by Konami. It is the sequel to 1983's Track & Field and features seven new Olympic events. Like its predecessor, Hyper Sports has two run buttons and one action button per player. The Japanese release of the game sported an official license for the 1984 Summer Olympics.

  • Genre: Sports
  • Platform: Amstrad CPC, Arcade, BBC Microcomputer System, Commodore 64, Commodore C64/128, MSX, NES, PC-8801, SG-1000, Sharp X1, ZX Spectrum

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