Host Master Deux: Quest for Identity

released in 2013 by Double Fine published by Double Fine

"Host Master Deux is the sequel to Host Master and the Conquest of Humor. Whereas the first game was a pastiche of early LucasArts games, the second takes its inspiration from a more recent adventure, The Cave. Like that game, it has platforming mechanics mixed with the adventure mechanics of solving puzzles with inventory items.

Tim Schafer once again is hosting the Game Developers Conference Awards, and he is having trouble getting past the guard. He is dressed in a suit and no longer has his trademark beard, so the bouncer doesn't believe that he is really who he says he is. Tim must go back to his house to find a way to make himself look like he did before he shaved his beard, find a T-shirt to wear, and find a funny enough joke to impress the bouncer. As in the original game, there are multiple endings."

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