Heavy Rain

released in 2019 by Quantic Dream published by Quantic Dream
  • Wine Epic version last published 3 years, 1 month ago
    Configures mfplat dlls, d3dcompiler_43.dll, xaudio2_7.dll along with epic games store dependencies.
    You would need to sign in to Epic Games Launcher and manually download the game. While shader caching you might experience some slowdowns and audio crackling, but after cache is built it will run smoothly with no audio problems.
  • rpcs3 Sony Playstation 3 version
  • auto Steam(Auto) version
    Make sure you have connected your Steam account in Lutris and that you own this game.


Play four different characters in this tension-soaked psychological thriller. Choose your next move carefully, as every decision may have dramatic outcomes.

Spanning four days of mystery and suspense, the hunt is on for a murderer known only as “The Origami Killer” - named after his macabre calling card of leaving behind folded paper shapes at crime scenes.
Each of the four characters follow their own leads, with their own motives. Directing their very actions, you have to prevent the killer from claiming a new victim. How this story ends is entirely up to you…

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