Heart of China

released in 1990 by Dynamix published by Dynamix
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From the breathtaking splendor of 1930 Asia, three strangers are about to set forth on an adventure that will span an entire continent.

She is the daughter of a ruthless American land baron, facing death somewhere in the lush mountains of central China.

He is a down-on-his-luck pilot with only three days to rescue her.

Their guide to freedom is a shadowy master of stealth and cunning from a far away land.

Together they will travel the crowded streets of Hong Kong, cross the blinding snowfields of the Himalayas and ride the fabled Orient Express... all on a journey of life, love and death that could only begin in the Heart of China.

  • Genre: Adventure, Point-and-click, Puzzle
  • Platform: Amiga, Mac, Windows

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