• Genre: Action, Casual, Strategy
  • Platform: Linux
  • Release year: 2018

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Hat Hunters is a local multiplayer party game for 2 - 4 players. Each player controls one character amongst identically looking players and AIs.
Your goal is to collect as many stars as possible or steal them from other players by shooting collectable items at them.
Don't attract too much attention when pursuing your goals or you can easily be distinguished from the AI characters, which will make you the main target of the other players.

Challenge your friends in a variety of modes and maps. Choose between a quick match or a longer battle in the daytime or the extra suspenseful midnight theme.
You can even create your own custom modes and maps.

- 6 Game Modes
- 9 Maps
- 7 Exclusive Hats
- Easy to learn two action control
- For 2 - 4 players (up to 2 keyboard controls available)
- Customizable maps and modes