released in 1998 by The Software Refinery published by Interplay Entertainment Corp.

On the barren moon Titan, within the city of Misplaced Optimism, scavenger operators and ram-runners fight for the right to courier the last of Titan's worthless riches.

Caught between the powerplays of neo-feudal corporations and mutant underworld cartels, there is only one escape. Off-planet.
...You're going to need all the Hardwar(e) you can get.

Hardwar is a free-form and plot-driven game that was inspired by Elite and Privateer. Entire Misplace Optimism is simulated with other crafts moving about their own business, from transport to piracy to bounty hunters and more, and you can join them. Transport your own goods from source to destination to earn a profit. Chase down helpless merchant moths and cut them apart with your weapons and then retrieve their cargo. Chase down pirates and other evildoers on commission of the local police. Upgrade your craft with better components, software, or even new moth models. You can even own buildings in this game world, and charge others for repairs and such. Follow through the plot, where you need to undertake a few special missions, and you may even get a chance to escape this hellhole once and for all...

  • Genre: Space flight
  • Platform: Windows


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