Halo 2

released in 2004 by Bungie published by Microsoft
  • Wine Project Cartographer version last published 11 months, 1 week ago
    Installs Project Cartographer from a given archiveYou need to download the "Full Game Installer + Mod" zip from the Project Cartographer website
    every time you launch the game a prompt comes up
    completly ignore it and just press "Run"
  • Wine Project Cartographer Installer version last published 11 months, 1 week ago
    Installs Halo 2 Project Cartographer: Includes dependencies required for installer and game, sets the config to skip intro. Configure your settings after install then update the game through the Cartographer menu.
    MF crashes on the videos, don't enable the intro video. The ending credits video will likely crash you. Halo 2 Vista has some extremely creative default settings, you will likely want to customize all of the keybinds.
  • Wine Project Cartographer w/ DXVK version last published 11 months, 1 week ago
    sets up Halo 2 Project Cartographer full bring your own zip
    after first launch update with the project cartographer settings in the menu and restart

In Halo 2, the saga continues as Master Chief—a genetically enhanced supersoldier—is the only thing standing between the relentless Covenant and the destruction of all humankind.

Be the hero. Take on the Covenant and live firsthand the epic saga of the Master Chief. Wield dual weapons or employ previously undiscovered Covenant arms. Battle intelligent enemy AI, and all-new alien opponents.


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