Grimms Notes Repage

released in 2016

A Mobile Action RPG published by Square Enix.
The game's title was changed to Grimm's Notes Repage in January 2018 alongside a major update that added a new storyline and characters. Almost all account information was retained after the update, an exception being the old story content was only available at the normal difficulty setting.

The game was launched globally in March 2018 by the Korean publisher Flero Games but that version was shutdown in January 2019.

The Japanese version of the game is being shutdown at the end of April 2020 but the final scenario release will be in mid-march.
Instead of being removed from appstores the game will be updated to remove the online/gameplay features, allowing it to continue as a free app that allows players to read through the game's scenarios and will have a gallery feature to view characters.

  • Platform: Android


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