Gothic II

released in 2003 by Piranha Bytes published by THQ Nordic
  • Wine GOG version last published 2 weeks, 2 days ago
    GOG installer; user-selectable resolution; fixes the "blank videos" issue
    * allows for install-time screen resolution setting;
    * fixes the "blank videos" issue;
    * modifies game-provided config file $GAMEDIR/drive_c/GOG Games/Gothic 2 Gold/system/GOTHIC.INI
  • Steam Proton version last published 2 weeks, 3 days ago
  • Wine Triple CD version last published 11 months, 2 weeks ago
    Installation of triple CD version
    WARNING: winetricks sets more DLL overrides than necessary. In my case I had to remove the override for 'dsound' (winecfg -> Libraries) or the game would crash at the main menu: "C: failed to initialize sound, MSS reported: Broken waveOut driver :'buffer done' flag never set.

    Otherwise if you don't want to use native dlls, you have to disable music by setting 'musicEnabled=0' in [Gothic_2_Path]/system/gothic.ini .
  • auto GOG(Auto) version
    Make sure you have connected your GOG account in Lutris and that you own this game.
  • auto Steam(Auto) version
    Make sure you have connected your Steam account in Lutris and that you own this game.

When you're in need of something and don't know where to find it, go to Khorinis. There you can surely buy it. -- Saying (author unknown)

The mine valley of Khorinis. The glorious days of the once productive mines in this small seaside region were long over. Surrounded by the impenetrable magical barrier, the slaves eked out their miserable existence in this apparently natural prison.

One brave man managed to burst the bonds of imprisonment. Following his own call to freedom, he ventured deep into the subterranean temples. Willing to do whatever was necessary, he went out to banish Evil and destroy the magical barrier forever. Spurred by the hatred of men long-suppressed, the prisoners streamed trough the only pass to freedom.

No one in Khorinis had been prepared for this. Too long had they lived under the deceptive notion of security granted by the apparently indestructible magical dome. The small militia garrison could not put up enough forces against the onrush. After numerous bloody clashes, many captives escaped and found safety in the woods or rugged mountains of the surrounding countryside.

The steadily escalating number of raids in the vicinity of the town wall and the bandits' ever-increasing boldness seemed to paralyze the whole town. Angered by the militia's inability to protect their farms, some of the farmers formed an alliance with the refugees, no longer willing to pay allegiance to the king.

Khorinis is facing an uncertain future. Due to the farmers' decreasing production, more and more of the food deliveries do not take place, and the stocks diminish continuously. The militia's might ends at the town gate. Outside the town wall, nobody is safe from the bandits' armed raids.

There is war in Khorinis. A civil war.

But there is something else that could not be foreseen. Evil is not dead, rearing its ugly head again. But this time it is set on delivering the deathblow to humanity, and no one can stop it.

No one?