Ghost in the Shell

released in 1997 published by Sony Computer Entertainment
  • libretro Sony PlayStation version
  • auto Steam(Auto) version
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Based on the popular Manga comic and the critically-acclaimed anime movie, Ghost in the Shell features a deep and involving storyline that's full of unexpected twists. Over twelve missions, you must control "The Puppet Master" - a once organic being, now trapped in virtual form.

Originally created by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as an Artificial Intelligence, the Puppet Master is constantly in search of a new host body to inhabit the real world, and it finds a possible candidate in the form of Major Motoko Kusanagi - a highly-trained female agent. Kusanagi has been sent to counter the Puppet Master's threat but it soon becomes clear that far from being a terrorist, the Puppet Master is trying to uncover corruption at the heart of Government.

Then the Puppet Master contacts Kusanagi and makes her an offer - access to unlimited information in return for... her body!