Genshin Impact

released in 2020
  • Wine 3.00 version Rating: ✅ PLAYABLE last published 3 months ago
    Play Genshin Impact on Linux.
    - This script uses a patch that is not supported by MiHoYo, USE IT AT YOUR OWN RISK.
    - You will need root rights to install this patch as it will modify /etc/hosts system file.
    - PATCH IS NOT APPLIED BY DEFAULT. To apply or revert it, right-click on the game icon/banner and select "execute script" -->
    - This script installer needs xdelta3, xterm, zenity binaries.
    - If the install freezes during download, kill the "launcher.exe" process. Then launch the game from Lutris and choose option 2 in the menu "Update Genshin Impact". Once downloading and installing are completed, close the game, patch the game, start the game and choose option 1 in the menu.
  • Wine Update patch to 3.00 version Rating: ❔ UNKNOWN last published 3 months ago
    You already installed Genshin Impact with Lutris and just need to update your current install with latest patch.
    Please follow this steps:
    1) execute this script, it will install updated patch
    2) update Geshin Impact to latest version (option 2) but do not launch it
    3) apply new patch
    To apply or revert patch, right-click on the game icon/banner and select "execute script" -->

Genshin Impact is a free-to-play, open-world action role-playing gacha video game developed by miHoYo. It is the second game from miHoYo to feature original IP, the first being Gun GirlZ.


  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Combat, Fantasy, Open World
  • Platform: Android, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Sony Playstation 4, Windows
  • Website:

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