• Genre: Action, MMO, Shooter
  • Platform: Linux
  • Release year: 2017
  • Website: www.geneshift.net

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Geneshift is a GTA-inspired battle royale where each round lasts only two minutes. Use vehicles, mini-guns, invisibility, and more to outplay friends in tactical online combat.
Play the campaign solo or with up to 4 friends online. Discover unlocks, battle zombies and save the world. Compete on various leaderboards and difficulties too.
Do drive-by shootings, detonate car bombs and run your enemies over. Place hidden chemicals to gain secret benefits, like spying on enemies and teleportation.
Bounce bullets off your Force Fields, stalk enemies with Invisibility, or land that perfect Plasma Ball. Permanently level up your mutant and unlock over 30 tactical skills.
Slaughter zombies, race vehicles or simply capture the flag. Games can be played casually or in ranked servers, where an ELO rating system keeps combat balanced.