Gauntlet Slayer Edition

released in 2014 by Arrowhead Game Studios published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
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Gauntlet is a top-down dungeon crawler and an entry in the long-running Gauntlet series. The game supports up to four online or local players working cooperatively, each using a different one of the four available hero types: Elf, Valkyrie, Warrior and Wizard. The game supports multiple difficulties and has the characters go through dungeons, killing monsters and bosses, gaining experience to access upgrades through new skills, locating hidden rooms and avoiding traps, and closing monster portals to prevent enemies from overrunning the screen. It contains some elements from the classic Gauntlet, such as the names of the characters and the four available hero types, but also accidentally destroying your own food for health recovery during fights. It does not use a hunger mechanic through ticking health, unlike some of the earlier games.

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