Ganbare Daiku no Gensan

released in 1993 by Irem published by Irem
  • libretro Super Nintendo version

Ganbare! Daiku no Gensan (がんばれ!大工の源さん, Let's Go! Gen the Carpenter, Let's Go! Hammerin' Harry) is the fifth game in Irem's Hammerin' Harry series of platformer/brawlers and the first and only entry for the Super Nintendo (Super Famicom, SNES). It was never released outside of Japan.

Hammerin' Harry, known in Japan as Daiku no Gen-san (大工の源さん, Gen the Carpenter), is a series of platforming video games developed and published by Irem in 1990. The titles were developed and published for the arcades, Famicom, Game Boy, Super Famicom and Sony PSP platforms.

Ganbare! Daiku no Gensan release year: 1993.

  • Genre: Action
  • Platform: Super Nintendo


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