• Genre: Platform
  • Platform: Arcade
  • Release year: 1983

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Brutus has kidnapped Olive, and as Popeye you have to knock him out and punch him into the ocean to save Olive. The directional pad controls Popeye left and right. When Brutus tries to punch your character, move Popeye right to make him avoid the punch, then counter with one of your own. If Brutus move Popeye to the very right hand part of the pier, Popeye can still stay on by moving the control pad right at just the right moments, then counter-attack to move Brutus back to the left. Once Popeye moves Brutus to the very left hand corner of the pier, he will have to attack him a certain amount of times (the exact amount depending on your score) before he punches him into the ocean. In Game B a swordfish will occasionally try and poke Popeye. If it succeeds, then Popeye will move back a bit.

After Brutus gets out of the ocean for the third time, Olive, who's at the top tied up, will kick cans of spinach down to Popeye for him to eat. If done so successfully, Popeye will gain so much strength that he knocks Brutus all the way up to the hook at the upper left hand corner. Following that, Popeye goes up to where Olive Ollie is and saves her, thus ending the game. After the game ends, it starts over again. If Popeye misses the Spinach, then he'll have to knock Brutus back into the ocean before she'll be able to kick more spinach down towards him.

The main goal of the game is not only to win the game, but also to receive as many points as possible. Points are won by doing multiple things, including: