released in 2003

FreeCol is a freeware open source clone of Colonization. It follows the original game rules and gameplay, while adding new isometric graphics and multiplayer support. The game was written in Java to make porting it over easier, and is available for several platforms supporting many languages.

Initially, the project goal is to create a perfect implementation of Colonization with updated graphics. Later releases will include optional new additions and modifications to make the game more streamlined and fun to the modern player. A pure Java version is available to theoretically run on any machine supporting it.

Being essentially a remake, the game closely follows the original. The main objective still is to colonize and conquer the American continent, by exporting goods back to Europe and importing colonists to establish new colonies and expand the dominance in the territory. The player must fight or make alliances with other European nations, and deal with the native population by means of force or peace. Finally, when a new nation is fully developed, the ultimate challenge is to declare independence and survive a war with the royal army and loyalist forces.

  • Genre: 4X, Management, Strategy
  • Platform: Linux, Mac, Windows
  • Website:


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