• Genre: Action, Adventure
  • Platform: Apple //e, Colecovision, Commodore 64, MSX
  • Release year: 1987

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Hundreds of years ago, massive fortified palaces were built in Spain. Built to withstand the most unbearable siege. With defenses that have become. frankly, legendary.

And the grandest castle of them all was Alcazar. Said to contain the riches of a dozen rulers, folklore also whispered of fantastical demons and unimaginable peril.

Today, Alcazar still stands. Over- looking a forbidden land, it lures and ternpts. The forgotten Moorish stronghold, its drawbridge down and its treasure yet untouched, dares to be awakened.

But first, even t reach its entrance, you will need to venture through a broad countryside of ancient castles. Each one harbors within its confines fire-breathing griffins, saber-swinging guards, bottomless shafts and much more.

Through over twenty castles with hundreds of rooms, you will be driven to call upon every ounce of strength and intellect you possess. To decipher both visual and unique audio clues. To discover valuable tools. To simply – survive.