Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls

released in 2004 by Square Enix published by Nintendo
  • libretro Nintendo Game Boy Advance version

Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls is a re-release of the two remakes of the original Famicom (NES) games with additional extras. This release also reduces the difficulty level of both games and has a few other gameplay modifications (for example, stats can no longer decrease in Final Fantasy II).

Final Fantasy I features four "Soul of Chaos" dungeons, unlocked during the course of the plot. These elemental dungeons are for high-level players, and contain a collection of bosses taken from later Final Fantasy games. Final Fantasy II includes an extra storyline known as the "Soul of Rebirth." This mode is unlocked after completing the game and acts as an epilogue, featuring characters killed off in the main story. Both games gain a bestiary that tracks all the monsters the player has fought and their stats and weaknesses.

  • Genre: Compilation, Role-playing, RPG
  • Platform: Nintendo Game Boy Advance, Nintendo Wii U


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