• Genre: RPG
  • Platform: PC-98
  • Release year: 1994

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Chronologically the fourth Farland Story game, "Shirogane no Tsubasa" makes a fresh start story-wise, bring the first Farland Story not to deal with the hero Arc and his friends. In this game, you follow the destiny of a rebel group, who had to flee from the evil despot Pepper. Led by the cat-man Darland and the fugitive Phir, the rebels must overcome all possible obstacles in order to put an end to the evil reign and to restore peace in the land.

Although the game has a different story, it still looks and plays more or less the same way as the first three Farland Story games. The game consists of strategic battles, during which you navigate your party members in turn-based mode over the map, attacking enemies when they are in range, and casting spells. Various type of terrain influences your attacks. For example, if you position your character on a square with a castle, his/her HP will be healed.