Fallen Haven: Liberation Day

released in 1998
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The battle for planet Nu Haven lasted just three months Earth Standard Time, and the cost in lives on both sides was staggering. Mankind had just been rudely awakened from a dream that it was alone in the universe.

Now the greatest military force ever assembled is about to be put at your command, your objective: to liberate planet Nu Haven and prevent the impending invasion of Earth. The most advanced weapons of the 24th century are at your disposal: dorships, heavy tanks, aerial bombers, dreadnoughts, and submarines - 45 different units in action on the battlefields.

* 4 different races in a fight for supremacy on the planet
* Changing geographical and climatic conditions
* 23 research areas with numerous discoveries
* Game-accompanying encyclopedia

  • Genre: Real-time strategy, Real-time tactics
  • Platform: Windows

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