released in 1999 by Daybreak Game Company published by Sony Online Entertainment
  • Wine Everquest Project 1999 version last published 1 year, 1 month ago
    Everquest Project 1999 from the Titanium disks
    Modify eqclient.ini with the desired resolution parameters once the game has run for the first time. Further information at https://wiki.project1999.com/EverQuest_in_Linux_Guide

    Fixing mouse rotation:
    If using mouse look the camera stops rotation at the edge of the screen, fix it by going into wine configuration and enabling the following.

    Wine configuration > Graphics > Automatically capture the mouse in full-screen windows

    Getting MIDI Music to Play (not needed if running pipewire):
    - Install fluidsynth, a soundfont for it, and qsynth: sudo apt install fluidsynth fluid-soundfont-gm qsynth
    Run qsynth
    Go to Setup > Audio tab and select alsa
    Go to Soundfonts tab and open the soundfont file FluidR3_GM.sf2
    qsynth has to stay open to continue playing MIDI music
  • Wine Standalone version last published 4 years, 1 month ago
    During the installation of Everquest itself, it will need to install DirectX updates. In this phase, take note that there is a Bing toolbar it wants to install. This is most certainly NOT needed, and you may uncheck this box to not install it.

    Once you start the game, if you have a cursor that is off from where it clicks, just maximize the window and it will fix itself.
  • Wine Standalone - Live version last published 8 months, 2 weeks ago
    Fixes the installer so it actually installs EverQuest (Live) standalone.
    During Install:
    * Do not run the DirectX optional components.
    * xAfter logging in close the patcher to complete installation and re-launch game.

    Post Install:

    * Edit the eqclient.ini file

    Known Issues:

    * Once you start the game, if you have a cursor that is off from where it clicks, just maximize the window and it will fix itself.
  • Wine Wayfarers Haven version last published 8 months, 2 weeks ago
    Targeted at Wayfarer's Haven. Should work for most EQ emu setups.

    Wayfarer's Haven: https://www.wayfarershaven.com

    Q: Why another installer?
    A: This one sits between the one for P99 and Live as it uses a client that was released between those versions. It might be useful to other EQemu client versions too (versions between Titanium and Live).
    Download the v3 client before running this installer.

    Download the v3 client from here: https://www.wayfarershaven.com/index.php?threads/haven-client-setup.2152/

    You will be prompted to select the downloaded client during the install.

    Once the installation finishes, Lutris will open the patcher by default when you run the EverQuest entry. That's the way I ran it and it worked without any modifications to eqclient.ini.

    Performance seems excellent so far.

    One thing to note is that the default eqclient.ini has the sound turned way down. Once you are in game, just turn it up and then it will stay that way on future runs.

    Things that I have not tried:

    1. Running WinEQ2.
    2. Running more than one instance.

    So I can not speak to how well boxing will work, but playing a single character seems to work great.
  • auto Steam(Auto) version
    Make sure you have connected your Steam account in Lutris and that you own this game.

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