• Genre: MMORPG, Sandbox, Space simulation
  • Platform: Windows
  • Release year: 2003
  • Website: www.eveonline.com

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  • Wine Change Me version last published an hour ago

    - Sets DXVK and ESYNC - Installs the EveLauncher-version 1548102

  • Wine Change Me version last published 4 months ago , last edit made 4 months ago

    Test-env: Distro/DE: Fedora 30 with Gnome 3.32.1 GPU/driver: AMD Radeon VII with mesa-driver 19.0.3-1.fc30

    Manual tweaks with test-env:
    - enable DXVK (current version 1.1.1)
    - enable Esync (otherwise cursor flicker ingame)
    - setting vulkan ICD loader = radeon_icd.x86_64.json
    - enable reset pulseaudio (prevent clicking/cracking sounds)

    Issues under Gnome 3.32.1 xorg-session:
    - Micro stutter while running non native resolution
    - Resets used monitor when exiting ingame settings menu

    Solution to above issues is to use the wayland-session for gnome.

EVE Online is a space-based, persistent world MMORPG, where players can fight in open space battles, work in a variety of professions from mining to cargo hauling to piracy against other players, or even form large corporations and alliances to control and expand player-owned territory. Almost every ship and item in EVE is made by players, creating a vast economy across the game's 7000+ star systems.

EVE is available as either as free-to-play ("Alpha" account) or with a paid subscription ("Omega" account). Notably, the entire game runs on one instance or server called "Tranquility" (with the exception of China, that runs on its own regional instance called "Serenity"), compared to other MMOs which may have dozens of separate servers, giving the game a large regular population.