Eric and the Floaters

released in 1983

You must press any key to start the game. It will then ask you if you want to use Keyboard or Joystick. After that section, the game will start.

The aim of each level of the game is to kill all of the floaters, the orange/magenta ball-like things that roam the maze. To do this you have one weapon on your side - an infinite supply of bombs. When you drop a bomb, they are automatically primed, and will explode after just a few seconds.

So to kill the baddies you must get close enough to them to within the range of the bomb, drop it, and quickly run around a corner to make sure you too are not caught in the explosion. The bombs will destroy any floaters that are caught in the blast, and also certain sections of wall that are in the way, reducing the
playing area to open landscape.

More and more floaters are added each level, and the game does get quite difficult. You can also only drop one bomb at a time.

  • Platform: FM-7, MSX, NEC PC-6000 Series, PC-8801, Sharp MZ-2200, Sharp X1, ZX Spectrum


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