released in 1983 by Infocom published by Infocom

You are a dim ignorant Apprentice Enchanter, but your task is enormous. You must save the world from the warlock Krill who is ruling the land with his evil powers. You are not the first in this quest but hopefully you will be the first to succeed, as the more experienced members of the Circle of Enchanters are powerless. You know the basics of magic and will have the chance to learn many spells. Keep your wits and use everything you can to your benefit!

Enchanter is a text adventure set in the Zork universe, following the original Zork trilogy. As in the previous games, the player interacts with the environment by typing in text commands, usually combinations of verbs and objects. A new feature in the game is the player character's ability to cast spells. These spells must be memorized before the protagonist is able to cast them, and are learned during the course of the game. The text parser understands the names of the spells as verbs, and the player only needs to type in the spell name and the name of an object he/she wishes to cast that particular spell on.

  • Genre: Adventure
  • Platform: MS-DOS

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