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    This is a free software game (free as libre). So the installer will fetch the game on github and compile it. So, in order to be able to compile the game, make sure you have all dependencies for your distro. You will find requirement at this link:https://github.com/daid/EmptyEpsilon/wiki/Build-from-sources

What is it?

EmptyEpsilon is a spaceship bridge simulator game. It's fully open source, so it can be modified in any way people wish.
What does this mean?

EmptyEpsilon places you in the roles of a spaceship's bridge officers, like those seen in Star Trek. While you can play EmptyEpsilon alone or with friends, the best experience involves 6 players working together on each ship.

Each officer fills a unique role: Captain, Helms, Weapons, Relay, Science, and Engineering. Except for the Captain, each officer operates part of the ship through a specialized screen. The Captain relies on their trusty crew to report information and follow orders.
Like Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator?

Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator was the inspiration for EmptyEpsilon. It's pretty good as a bridge simulator, but we had some issues with it that we wanted to fix. Since Artemis isn't open source, our only solution was to start over by ourselves.

For example, the "comms" station of Artemis is pretty limited and can be boring for the player. The game could fall out of sync, confusing the players. Also, its Game Master screen didn't do everything that we wanted.

All in all, Artemis is a nice game. We wrote our own to be able to implement new features and extensibility.