released in 2007
  • Wine 1.22dev version last published 1¬†year, 1¬†month ago
    Last Elona version developed by Noa
    If you on Wine Lutris 7.2 or up. I don't recommend to install quartz and directmusic as it'll cause the music glitchy, stutter or just doesn't play or crash in my case. Since winegstreamer is now correctly wrap to your gstreamer and causing issues if you using quartz and directmusic. So if there BGM or sound effects(its in midi format so it doesn't play install gmdls) that doesn't play check your gstreamer installation if there additional codecs that not installed by default to your Linux distro and your pipewire/alsa/pulseaudio configuration for latency issues. For fonts I do recommend to install courier and fakejapanese_vlgothic for Japanese character (MS Gothic or VL Gothic preferred since MS Gothic is the game default and VL Gothic is similar in ligature) and English fonts (which by game default is Courier New). Also if you using controller not recommended to install dinput since latest version wine already have built-in wrapper for controller for mapping to SDL which will cause issues oftentimes if you install it.

Elona is a roguelike game created by Japanese developer Noa. Its name is short for "Eternal League of Nefia". Noa began developing Elona in 2006, and based it on roguelikes such as Ancient Domains of Mystery (ADOM) and Angband. Noa had previously made two other role-playing games, Shade and Etherwind. A reviewer at Insert Credit praised Elona as "very well-made" and compared its character development system to that of ADOM.


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